As the President of the Serra Mesa Village, I would like to welcome you to our family of Villagers who thrive on the mesa surrounded by open-space canyons. In our beautiful environment with delightful weather, we work together to enjoy the benefits of our membership organization which includes social activities, physical exercise, learning groups, health education and cultural and travel educational opportunities. Our services are constantly changing to meet the needs and wants of Villagers. – Carl Demas

We are a community built on friendship and participation in our full calendar of events.

Why not join us?

Serra Mesa Village is unique because it has the power to transform life for older Americans.

We are a volunteer organization and work hand in hand with the community of Serra Mesa which is located in central San Diego. As we grow and work together to continue our busy meaningful lives, we discover that we are among friends. We flourish as we study current trends in health and wellness and realize what it means to have optimum health, physical and spiritual well-being.

Come to one of our meetings:

  • General Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month in the Serra Mesa-Kearny Mesa Library at 9005 Aero Drive. The meeting starts at 3PM in the Community Room and ends promptly at 5PM.
  • Friendship Lunches are held every Wednesday at noon at the Mission Village Christian Fellowship Hall at 2650 Melbourne Drive, San Diego, 92123.
  • A Walking Group meets every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 9 AM parking lot entrance of the Recreation Center, 9020 Village Glen Drive, San Diego, 92123.
  • Travel Opportunities are available on the first Thursday of every month. We usall meet at 10 AM at the Serra Mesa Library to ride pool. See our Event Calendar for more information.
  • We have “Get Fit” Classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 10:00 AM. This is low impact concentrating on balance, stretching, and movement. These classes are held at the Recreation Center.
  • We have a Movie date every 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 1:30 PM at the Recreation Center. Popcorn, water. and great company can be found there. Prepare for a good time.
  • Friendship Lunch is served every Wednesday from 12-1 PM at Mission Village Christian Fellowship Hall at 2650 Melbourne Drive, San Diego, CA 92123. At this event you can get a free bowl of homemade soup, salad, bread, and desert for free. A freewill offering of a can of food for the food pantry is asked but not required.
  • We have just started a Ceramic Class where we slip form and coil form clay into great masterpieces. This is an ground level entry event where we have fun outdoing each others artistic creations. This class is on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 2-4 PM at the Recreation Center

Who We Are

Do you want to live in your Serra Mesa home as long as possible?

Serra Mesa Village of San Diego (SMVSD) is a not-for-profit organization tailored for Serra Mesa residents (who have celebrated their 55th birthdays), and is based on the Beacon Hill Village membership model (www.beaconhillvillage.org). SMVSD offers its members many of the activities and concierge services available in high-quality adult communities. The commitment is to enable resident members to live life to its fullest in their own homes as they age.

SMVSD is being launched in phases based on membership need. Phase One offers multiple social, educational, and travel opportunities. Phase two will offer care recommendations including transportation options.

Members support SMVSD with an annual $25 membership fee and work with volunteer participation to keep down costs.

Mission Statement:  Serra Mesa Village is a membership organization developed by and for Serra Mesa Senior Adults 55 and over. Our purpose is to connect with each other and provide resources needed to maintain, support and enrich fully engaged adults as we age, remaining in the homes we love.

Our Purpose:  We are living longer, more active lives, yet increased mobility and smaller families mean that many of us find ourselves at some distance from close relatives. We want to create a network of social connections, events, information and support services that will permit Serra Mesa members to live conveniently, safely and happily as they grow older – in their homes.

Serra Mesa Village Leadership – Board of Directors

Serra Mesa Village of San Diego is managed by a eight-member Board of Directors with a president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, treasurer, marketing director, care director, and travel director. This Board of Directors manifests reliable, ethical and experienced leaders with extensive profiles, qualifications and a passionate investment in the future of the Village. This is a working board where each member is assigned as a liaison to a committee and reports twice a month on committee activity.

Carl Demas is our Board President. He is also President of the Serra Mesa Community Council and saw the need to assist in forming the Serra Mesa Village to help meet the needs of the senior citizens. His hobby is attending meetings.

Roberta Levy is our Vice-President. Let’s just put it this way, you don’t want to be between her and what she wants for the Village. Her real estate background is very useful in locating a permanent home for the Serra Mesa Village offices. Keeping track of her grandchildren takes up her spare time.

Al Smith is our Secretary. He’s prompt in getting out the minutes of our board meetings. An introvert by nature, he works behind the scenes as our webmaster. His hobby is poetry.

Audrey Blevens is our Treasurer. She’s good at telling us about where our monies come from and where they go. She also keeps track of our membership numbers. She likes doing craft projects in her spare time.

Kay Phillips is our Care Committee Co-director. She’s working with Gloria to find out what senior services are provided in our area and by which agency. She’s frequently found with a knitting project.

Bill Horton is our Travel Director. He’s in charge of our monthly outings. When we get there, he’s volunteered to coordinate Trading Favors (time banking). Bill is going thru training to get a pilot’s license.

Jan Lawrence is an ad-hoc member. She helps with mailing announcement to the members who don’t have email. She also volunteers with the Serra Mesa Food Pantry.

Kathy Andrews sends announcements to all of our events via Constant Constant, creates all of our calendars, and adds humor to all she touches.


Demographics of Serra Mesa

Serra Mesa’s geography is a community built on mesas and bordered by beautiful canyons with open space. It’s nestled within freeways of I-15, I-8,and I-805. Communities around us are Mission Valley, Kearny Mesa, Linda Vista and Tierrasanta.

We have a military presence with Lincoln housing and we remain primarily residential which assures us less traffic and a quiet neighborhood. Serra Mesa’s population is 26,837, of that 5,856 are people over 55.