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The village movement is an innovative type of grassroots organization that has emerged in the last decade in the organizational field of support services for community-dwelling older adults (Prof. A. Scharlach, UC Berkeley).

Beacon Hill, the first village, was founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 2002. “We wanted to be active, taking care of ourselves and each other rather than being ‘taken care of.'” Beacon Hill proved that seniors wanted to get together, age in place, help each other and be part of an active community.

We wanted to be active, taking care of ourselves and each other rather than being “taken care of.”


2017 marks the 15th anniversary of the first Village. Beacon Hill has been the model for the Village Movement since its founding. In Serra Mesa, Carl Demas was watching a program on Sunday Morning describing the Village Movement and felt that there might be a place for an elderly population to gather to find purpose. We had just formed the Serra Mesa Community Garden and Orchard which was due to the two adjacent churches (Gethsemane Lutheran Church and Mission Village Christian Fellowship) offering property bordering on Shawn Canyon. It was at one of those meetings that Carl discussed the Village with Gloria Espeseth. Gloria indicated that she had a heart for elderly citizens and such an organization made sense for the community. We decided that since Tierrasanta already had a functioning Village that we could model our program after theirs. We contacted one of their founding members, Susan Deininger, who came and assisted us and the rest is history.

Questions? Please contact our Village President, Carl Demas, at cjdemas@gmail.com